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This rental with-skipper is a short-duration but much appreciated option. It´s a moment of pure beauty with a small but wonderful sail stroll with a timely stop to watch the sunset.


Onboard toast, water, coffee, Azorean ted, biscuits, insurance, skipper, final cleaning, fuel.




3 hours (ship entering schedule depending on sunset timing)


100% AzoresTasting/Salat/Sushi: add this Azorean product tasting service for an extra fee of (more info) Price in consultation
SUNSET Gin, Tapas & Wine: add this tasting service with Azorean products, extra fare Price in consultation
Fishing: Price in consultation
SUP Stand Up Paddle: add this 2 board service for the extra charge of Price in consultation
SNORKELING: add this service on 3 equipment per Price in consultation