Sailing cruise school

As a way to boost the taste for sailing cruises, Sailingside provides the “Sailingside Academy”. Such project aims to bring awareness to the participants about recreational ad sailing cruises. We propose a relaxed way to learn the basic and safety principles so you may enjoy sailing and the ocean.

For little expense, you may savor a relaxing time while learning the rules of the sea, basic principles on sailing, safety and sailboat governability.

“Sailing School” will take 12 hours, divided in 3 sections. They will all take place aboard a sailing boat accompanied by a theoretical explanation but most time will be spent on practical exercises. There will be a small formative test in the end.

All participants in the “Sailingside Academy” will be awarded with a participation certificate.

Maximum participants number: 6 (per class). Including: insurance and fuel.
Duration: 12 hours, divided in 3 sections. Price: 150 euros per student.